Acceptance, understanding, support, trust, respect, appreciation, the courage to innovate, service in heart.
New debao catch every point and details, according to standard, in order to build up a harmonious relationship between customers;
Obsord good talent, in order to set up a first-class elite team,and to be a industry standard enterprise.
All customer-centric, performance as the goal,with unremitting efforts to create the greatest value for customers.

1. Start 2000-2007

2. Breakthrough 2008-2009
Technical department work gradually into the standard, and created the first single turntable middle speed paper cup machine

3. Be ready 2010-2013
In 2010 , New Debao developed a paper cup bucket machine, worn the first prize of scientific and technological progress, at the same year was rated as high-tech enterprises
In 2011,created the middle speed paper bowl machine.
In 2012,created the middle speed paper cup forming machine.and automatic intelligent PLC control system

In 2013,created the middle speed paper cup sleeve machine.Joint cup collection device, and also created the automatic paper cup inspection system.
Access to more than 30 patents and 3 invention patents. Pass through the ISO: 9001: 2000 international quality system certification, CE certification, etc.
4. Open wings 2014-2015

5. Soaring 2016-2020
During the development of paper cup machine industry, many companies were eliminated, become a history.
A small number of enterprises grow into the backbone of the industry.
New Debao catch up with the rapid development of paper cup machine industry, witness and promote the paper cup machine industry norms, cooperation,
innovation and development, become a model and banner in this line.
But, we also faced a lot of challenges.
Now, New Debao is still stand at the forefront of the industry, and bring more good products and deeper trust.