New Debao 3 modes

New Debao establish enterprise as a family, a military and a school. Make this 3 modes into each partner’s bone marrow, to experience the tremendous energy which brought by corporate culture. The manager&organizer team is the cultural tradition of New Debao, which is a platform for family members to show their own value and also a platform for enterprises to discover talent. Learning in the work, working in the study, each session of the team committee to bring benefits to everyone, meanwhile their own ability will continue to be improved, thus became a excellent person. We make the world’s highest quality and intelligent paper cup machine, start from the everyone.

New Debao Annual Party

The annual celebration party gather all our wisdom, where we have the Elegant show between different teams and excellent performances, like humorous short sketch, dancing and singging etc.

New Debao event for International Labor Day

In order to celebrate the May Day Labor Day, after busy working finally have a break and gain some happy. In the afternoon of 30th,April, our team organize different funny games and competitions between 6 teams. Finally the champion can get personal and team bonus.

New Debao Christmas Day

Every year on December 25, Ms Cai president will lead our company partners dressed in Christmas clothes of Santa Claus. Standing early in front of the company door to welcome each partner and send Christmas gifts. On Christmas that day, we feel great joy and warm love. From all corners of the country, we gather in New Debao family, not just working together, moreover it is cordial care and comfort.

New Debao outdoor extending training

Every year, after the fierce morning assembly PK, the champion team will have an outdoor extending training with simple task. This encourges simple&happy lifestyle, and the concept of environmental protection. Also carry forward close to nature, chanllenge ourself, and the communication beyond the boundaries of time and space. Join such training, so that we feel the charm and fun from the nature . Through these challenging experiences, the participants’ sense of responsibility, leadership, team spirit and self-transcendence are enhanced.

Yun Fu and Qingfeng Yao improve the process,won the company’s commendation

Traditional way for a cam processing is noisy, and easy to abrase the lathes,also need longer time even takes 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Now, our two workers according to the latest process improvement, choose a new cutting method,which can reduce the wear and tear,and reduce the noise.This improvement also increase the efficiency of 30% -50%.
This positive spirit of improvement will influence all workers here, which will also bring New Debao product to get a more professional field.