Routine maintenance of the machine

In order to achieve no-trouble operation of the machine, you must understand how the operation of the machine and the forming process of paper cup (paper bowl). One machine, is a combination of different parts, each parts play its unique role in the production process. Please read manual book, fully understand the characteristics of the machine, do routine maintenance, add oil on time. It will make your machine more stable performance, longer life. Before starting machine, please understand the name and function of each part of the machine.

Maintenance of the machine

Only by the regular maintenance of the paper cup machine, to improve the working conditions of the machine in order to make the machine in good working condition and extend the working life; the specific approach is as follows:

Do the checking job everyday, add EP150 gear oil or grease to the parts of joints and mechanical parts above the working board.

Check the mechanical connection parts of the cylindrical pin, elastic ring is in the normal position. If there is any discrepancy, correct it immediately or replace the elastic ring.

Check whether the fasteners fastened: such as nuts, bolts should be tightened in time, otherwise it will cause the severe vibration of the machine, travel problems and even crash and other serious problems.

Such as in the work found abnormal sound and abnormal situation, should immediately stop carefully check.

It need one professional engineer to solve machine problem with mechanical knowledge and machine repair experience to ensure the safety of personnel and machinery.

The oil pump inlet filter of lubrication system should be clean regularly (to avoid oil jam, cause mechanical wear). The new machine is cleaned once a week in the first two months, then clean per half month to ensure that the oil flow, lubrication in place.

Lubricants oil (EP150) also need to be replaced regularly, the new machine at the first month, it need to be replaced once, after 6 to 12 months to replace once, to ensure that the machine lubricate well, to extend the service life.

The sensors need clean regularly, usually 3 to 5 working days to clean once, to ensure the normal operation of the machine detection.

The filter on the high pressure blower should be cleaned once every 7 working days to ensure smooth ventilation.

For machine lubrication parts, it need a professional lubrication schedule, make sure the regular work of add oil, oil change, cleaning.

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